Sponsor and CRO-Centric Performance

It’s no wonder that Hope Clinical Research has earned a reputation as one of the industry’s most respected sites for Phase I-IV research studies. Our dedicated site, staffed with multi-specialty physicians, has hosted numerous successful clinical trials over the past 5+ years in Los Angeles, California. We have established an enviable record for providing highly relevant, quality data while meeting or surpassing designated study enrollment targets.

Through the diligent oversight and hands-on management of our executive team, we maintain efficient control of study protocols and operations. Unlike an SMO, we stay actively involved in every phase of management, including the all-important task of attracting quality study participants that satisfy enrollment goals with amazing consistency. This ensures a steady stream of qualified studies that make Hope Clinical Research a trusted source for advancing the cause of medicine."


Reap the Rewards of Volunteering

Participating in a quality clinical research study can be highly rewarding and satisfying. Hope Clinical Research offers ongoing opportunities to volunteers looking to resolve their own medical issues and help others with similar conditions. It is easy to apply, right on our website, to join one of our new or current clinical studies. We also encourage you to call us at your convenience and let us walk you through the sign-up procedure. All of our studies are FDA-governed and supervised by an experienced, licensed doctor who is available to you at any time during your valued participation.

Now is the perfect time to address a health problem that has been nagging you, because we could have an open spot for you – right now – in an FDA-governed study researching your particular condition. Not only will you receive complimentary medical care and/or medication, but you will also be playing a key role in helping to make the world a healthier, better place for those suffering from illnesses. And remember – signing up for a Hope Clinical Research study is quick and effortless!


Join a Clinical Study Today

Hope Clinical Research

Hope Clinical Research has been conducting clinical trials for several years in urban Los Angeles, California. The site’s experienced staff range from RNs, NPs, and MDs in addition to research dedicated CRCs. The site’s experience aligned with the capabilities outlined below generate a unique value delivery system that at the end of the day translates into high subject enrollment and retention while preserving quality source documents and protocol adherence.


What Is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a clinical research experiment in which regulated scientific studies are conducted with human volunteer participants. It is also an opportunity for you to make a difference in the world of medicine and healing. The research typically involves new drugs, vaccines, dietary plans or medical devices. These trials are designed to create data on safety and efficacy. All Hope Clinical trials are FDA-approved and overseen by a highly professional medical team that carefully monitors participants’ responses to the administered drug, vaccine or device within the prescribed clinical protocol.



We would like to introduce you to our team of doctors and principal investigators…

Dr. Hessam Aazami, Family Practice and Research Specialist

Dr. Aazami has treated over 10,000 patients in his practice and has been conducting quality clinical trials for more than 25 years. His research has covered the broad spectrum of indications, including diabetes, rheumatology, pain, men’s/women’s health, gastroenterology, weight loss, vaccine and more. Over the course of more than 100 studies, he has performed with dedication and integrity, free of any infractions. Dr. Aazami and his high-level team are devoted to the discovery of new medical cures and improving the lives of his patients.

Dr. Hessam Aazami

Dr. Naghmeh Khodai, OBGYN Specialist

As a Board Certified OBGYN Investigator at Hope Clinical Research, Dr. Khodai specializes in OBGYN clinical research studies. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology from the University of Southern California. After several years working in the business world, Dr. Khodai completed her medical training at Boston University Medical School and internship and residency at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Khodai specializes in helping women of all ages improve their health, whether that means a healthy pregnancy or thriving during menopause. Her expertise includes the full range of medical issues that affect women’s quality of life, from menstrual and urinary, to fibroid and hormonal problems.

Dr. Nagmeh Khodai

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