You will find a highly knowledgeable, professional staff at Hope Clinical Research. Our dedicated 5,000+ square foot facility features multiple exam rooms, as well as a dedicated lab area, an infusion room, monitoring quarters and secured IP storage, to ensure that our reliable data is never compromised. We also offer accommodations for 24-hour and overnight stays. With this extensive amount of space, equipment and personnel, we can conduct the following studies:

Serious Research Experience

Allergy Cardiology Dermatology Endocrinology Gastroenterology Infectious Diseases Men’s Health

Pain Respiratory Rheumatology Vaccine Weight Loss Women's Health

Recruitment Resolve

Securing the best, most diverse group of study participants is a priority for Hope Clinical Research. Our recruiting skills are well-known, contributing to the following results:

Forever-growing 25,000+ subject database Performance above and beyond any/all central recruitment agencies Daily community outreach

Subject Retention Expertise

We have an enviable track record of retaining our quality study subjects, due to the excellent attention and services that we provide to our participants.

Respectful, warm and friendly staff Complimentary meals and snacks for extended visits Immediate subject payments through ClinCard debit system Free TV and Wi-Fi in every exam room Courteous appointment reminders, via automatic text messaging, email and phone

Facility-Wide Preparation

Our modern facility is equipped to handle a variety of vital studies with full confidence and competence. We feature:

10+ exam rooms Fully equipped CLIA laboratory On-site compounding pharmacy 24 hour video and security surveillance Dedicated space for PK and IP infusion -70C and -20C freezers and refrigerated centrifuges -Fully integrated Clinical Trial Management System DEA temperature controlled and secured IP storage Dedicated monitoring space with Wi-Fi and copy/fax services

Planning a Site Visit?

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