With a track record of over 100+ studies completed and 500+ subjects randomized, Hope Clinical has earned dozen of accolades from many of the top leading pharmaceutical companies.Our site has virtually worked with every leading CRO, Sponsor and IRB in the U.S. and has never failed to meet an assigned enrollment goal. Our stream lined and organized processes allow us to perform rapid enrollment and fast startup while maintaining a high level of quality source data!

Our dedicated 5000+ sqft facility is coupled with a multi-specialty practice that has over 10,000 patients and a research database of over 25,000 potential candidates. Our facility has 10+ exam rooms, a dedicated lab area, Infusion room, monitoring quarters, secured IP storage and accommodations for 24 hour and overnight visits. Our research staff has a combined 25+ years’ experience conducting clinical studies.

Serious Research Experience

Allergy Cardiology Respiratory Dermatology Endocrinology Rheumatology Gastroenterology

Pain Vaccine Weight Loss Men's Health Women's Health Infectious Disease

Serious Recruitment

25,000+ subject database and growing Outperform any/all central recruitment agencies Daily community outreach

Serious Subject Retention

Respectful, courteous and warmhearted staff Complementary meals and snacks for extended visits Instant subject payments using Clincard debit system Complementary Wi-Fi and Television in every exam room Automatic text messaging, email and phone-call appointment reminders

Serious Equipment

10+ exam rooms Fully equipped CLIA laboratory On-site compounding pharmacy 24 hour video and security surveillance 24 hour dedicated space for PK and IP Infusion -70C, -20C freezers and refrigerated centrifuges -Fully integrated Clinical Trial Management System DEA temperature controlled and secured IP storage Dedicated monitoring space with Wi-Fi and copy/fax services

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